Want to Buy Google Play Store Reviews? Promo Code & Important Information

At Applytics, you can buy Google play store reviews for as low as $1, and also we ensure that your reviews are not deleted. We provide 100% device integrity, and SafetyNet check. Below, you can find your google play store review promo code.

How 100% device integrity is important for Google PlayStore Reviews

Device integrity ensures that you get reviewers with non-rooted devices. If you do not check for this feature, then you may end up getting reviews from bots or fake users.

Protecting Your App With SafetyNet Check when you buy Google play store reviews

You can read about how you can protect security threats with SafetyNet on Google’s official post.

It is essential that in your paid app review provider, you look for this feature. Because, without this one, your entire review purchase exercise would be redundant.

At Applytics, we follow a three step check to ensure that you get reviews only from the users who are genuine.

  1. Filter the users who root their device – keeping them out of our playstore review pool.
  2. Conduct test every single time before they are allowed to access your app to review.
  3. Look for any red flags. Like manipulative ratings, or unusual download pattern.

We constantly follow through this. This ensures that the users who review your android app are genuine.

Also, we ensure that all users don’t get access to the same apps. We do this to ensure that Google Play Store doesn’t count this in as a manipulated effort to get app rankings. We take extreme care to ensure that your app gets long lasting results.

Special Promo Code If You Buy Android Reviews from Applytics

If you buy reviews from Applytics, then use APP20 as the promo code. Redeem this code during the checkout in the comments section. This will instantly make you eligible to get 20% extra Google Play Store reviews on any order.